Alois x Skiclub Toggenburg – Planets

Alois x Skiclub Toggenburg


EP, 12" Vinyl & Digital
Released 09/10/2020

Vinyl 12", 15.-

Alois join forces with modular techno duo Skiclub Toggenburg. Their collaborative EP Planets brings together two of the most anticipated acts of the Swiss electronic underground. Routed in hypnotic dance tracks their collaborative EP hits the sweet spot of organic grooves and obscure soundscapes. Alois' music, on their recent LP Azul, is a hybridised pop with a heavy predilection for the dance floor that combines elements of contemporary electronica, 80s synth-wave, balearic, dub and hints of trap. Skiclub Toggenburg are two modular synth wizards, known for their breathtaking live sets. What started as a remix job grew to a musical experiment combining modular systems with a full live band.

Many thanks to Kultur Toggenburg for the support!