East Sister – Mildly

East Sister


Sinlge, Digital
Released 10/06/2019

If East Sister’s new song MILDLY first conveys as a gently flowing 3-minute wander to the sea, listen closely and you’ll find out there’s something hiding behind the horizon.

Minimally arranged, MILDLY was recorded and produced by the band over a weekend in a home built studio nearby Lucerne’s Rotsee. Confirming East Sister’s embrace to the charms of analog keyboards and organs while sticking to their signature voices and drum sound, the production translates a raw natural feel, enhanced now and there by glittery guitars and pitch-voicing experimentations as well as the new color of hollow bass.

The stream-of-thought lyric carries cryptically poetic messages on embracing solitude with lightness and depth. Starting with the dim feeling of a mild existence, as the song develops the mood effortlessly merges into a light-hearted acceptance and one gets carried away to a dreamy afternoon where all dances without even having noticed how the journey occurred. Sometimes perspectives change this suddenly - striking with evidence, if one is ready to face the unknown with an open mind.