Haubi Songs – Ergendwie Zäme

Haubi Songs

Ergendwie Zäme

Album, Digital & Limited CD
Released 24/03/2017

Haubi songs is little. Least of all a band. Rather it is a kind of liberation blow in the fight against the half verses and those songs that are actually none. It's quite possible that it's precisely these shortcomings that release qualities. They arise through intuition and courage to the sketch and the universe at home at the kitchen table.

The debut "Orange" was dedicated to the love-hate relationship with the hometown of Lucerne. The following album, on the other hand, has an almost international appeal. Wanderlust turns into long-distance relationships, everyday flights into fear of flying. Global phenomena shrink in the eye of the observer, flashes of thought illuminate an entire society. ERGENDWIE ZÄME finds the big picture in the stories of the individual.