Jon Hood – Body Semantics

Jon Hood

Body Semantics

Album, Digital & 12" Vinyl & CD
Released 13/10/2017

Body Semantics took shape over the course of two years of intensive collaboration. The nine songs are independent stories which grew out of the same seed. With expressive moments of individual instruments or voice, they create a spacious balance which masterfully avoids overcrowding. Body Semantics is the clever work of three bellies and three heads who gave each other all the freedom to mix their creative potential.

Sometimes references to krautrock or avantgarde folk shimmer through. These are not cheap citations however, they are rather the product of alert ears following their instincts and augmented by perfect implementation by Conrad Lambert aka MERZ in his role as producer. With a fine sense for the music and the musicians, Lambert made a perceptible contribution to the sound of this album. Thus Body Semantics is much more than just the sum of the involved musical personalities.