Long Tall Jefferson – Lucky Guy

Long Tall Jefferson

Lucky Guy

Album – Digital & 12” Vinyl & CD
Released 07/09/2018

Long Tall Jefferson continues on his second album his search and expands the foundation of guitar & vocals with a colorful arsenal of additional instruments. Drum computers, electric guitars, clarinets, piano, bass, drums, brass, violins and percussion dress the songs in a colorfully orchestrated pop costume. The texts focus on the humane and revolve around the lostness of the individual in the turmoil of this world. Long Tall Jefferson distinguishes himself as a sensitive chronicler of everyday life, who loves playing with language. For example in the title song, when the protagonist questions the big picture "how's it even possible we're living here / on this rocky thing wrapped in an atmosphere" and defends himself against his recurring "first world problems". It is bittersweet irony that flashes up again and again between the lines and in the arrangements letting the underlying weltschmerz dissipate into thin air.

Recorded with producer Timo Keller during short tour breaks, the vastness of the world found its way into this production which lets the listener witness the thousand small steps between the first idea and the final result. Long Tall Jefferson's tireless DIY attitude is also apparent in this ambitious cooperative label, which he founded in 2011 and for which he acts as the central switchboard. He has since gathered a handful of the hottest Swiss newcomer acts around him and together they provide a fresh musical wind far beyond their nation’s borders.