Long Tall Jefferson – Young Love

Long Tall Jefferson

Young Love

Single, Digital
Released 04/09/2020

"You're having one of these really deep moments with yourself looking up into the blue sky. And you remember your first big love and what they said and how it felt. And you're glad they broke up with you then, because like that the two of you will always stay 16 in your memory." - Long Tall Jefferson

"Young Love" is Cloud Folk, a fantasy genre and a place of longing that Simon Borer, the man behind Long Tall Jefferson, is developing here. A place where envelope rides and the folk tradition inspire each other. A song laboratory in which the first kisses and the time when everything became new and important are simultaneously transfigured and dissected: Computer, enhance!

"Cloud Folk" is Long Tall Jefferson's upcoming third album and "Young Love" the single with which its time begins: a memory translated into the here and now, translucent pop music that translates first love into the right sound, restrained, cool and insecure at the same time, "till one is leaning in." The rest is kissing.