Mnevis – Episodes



Album, Digital & 12" Double-Vinyl & CD
Released 18/01/2019

In night-long jams, Mnevis have developed songs, changed their form and sound countless times and reassembled them. Band members have come, stayed for a few years and moved on. In between there were always longer pauses in this musical-polyamorous on/off relationship. Now Mnevis are back and are putting their debut album Episodes out of nowhere into the world.
And how they do it! Incredibly rich in ideas, carefully selected sounds and playful song structures is this indie-pop record. Larded with electronica set pieces, which meet organic percussion and crisp bass lines, which are interrupted by mystical piano chords. The only constant is the guitar, which gives these songs a foundation and carries the vocals through the raging current. You don't hear such an unagitated debut album every day, promise!