Mnevis – The Course Of Events


The Course Of Events

Album Pre-Order, 12" Vinyl & Digital
Released 29/01/2021

Vinyl, 25.-

Pre-Order Album now - To be released 29 January 2021

When Mnevis released their debut album Episodes in January 2019, something happened that most people around them had hardly expected: After about 10 years of band history - including shorter and longer creative breaks - the Swiss quartet finally released their first longplayer and delighted critics and listeners alike. With their finely arranged and cineastic songs, the band quickly became an established newcomer.

This was followed by club gigs all over Switzerland, appearances at renowned festivals such as the Gurten Festival or La Cité in Lausanne and considerable streaming figures on Spotify. And so the once stagnating organism Mnevis found a new dynamic. A dynamic which, nourished by 12 years of deep musical friendship, will ensure that new sounds of the band will be heard already in 2020.

The Course Of Events will be released on January 29.